Why are singing waiters so popular for weddings?

In recent years, singing waiters have become an increasingly popular option for all manner of events, especially weddings. But why are singing waiters so popular for weddings? And what can they bring to your event?

So, why are singing waiters so popular for weddings?

There are a number of reasons why singing waiters have become so popular for weddings. These include:

  • Creating memorable moments
  • Surprising your guests
  • Versatile performers
  • Emotional connection

Creating memorable moments

One of the main reasons why singing waiters have become so popular for weddings is that a performance from a talented team of singing waiters can create memories that will last a lifetime. You can be sure that your guests will talk about the performance, and your wedding on the whole, for years to come. This is because singing waiters not only break the ice, but they also deliver a captivating performance that each of your guests is sure to enjoy. Our team of singing waiters here at The Opera Boys are also excellent entertainers, whose vocal skills will elevate your wedding and be sure to delight your guests. 

Surprising your guests

Not only do professional singing waiters entertain and impress your guests, they also deliver an excellent surprise. Your guests won’t be expecting the performance, because the tenors will be disguised and concealed as wait staff, serving champagne to elevate the disguise. This means that when one of the tenors begins to perform, joined by other members of the team, your guests will be equally surprised and impressed. Jaws will drop and your guests won’t be able to conceal their smiles as your wedding meal turns into a personal performance that will delight everyone in the room.

Versatile performers

Another reason why singing waiters are so popular for weddings is that they can deliver a versatile performance. So whether you want songs that are important and meaningful to you and your spouse, or you’re a fan of musical theatre, opera or timeless classics, singing waiters can deliver a performance that will encompass all of your favourites. This means that the performance will connect with all of your guests, turning your wedding into a celebration that is unforgettable.

Emotional connection

Finally, music has an important emotional connection between people and for weddings, music is an important factor. This is another reason why singing waiters can be a great option for any wedding. Professional singing waiters can personalise and enhance your wedding, with songs that are emotionally important to both you are your audience. 

Here at The Opera Boys we have performed at countless weddings where we have delivered unforgettable moments of true delight. Why not get in touch to find out more?