Steps for hiring singing waiters for your wedding

surprise singing waiters

Singing waiters can add a surprise element to your wedding, performing musical numbers after being disguised as wait staff. This can impress and delight your guests and make your wedding memorable and exciting. But what are the important steps for hiring singing waiters for your wedding? And how can you make sure that everything goes smoothly?

What are the important steps for hiring singing waiters for your wedding?

There are a number of important steps you should follow when it comes to hiring a professional team of singing waiters for your wedding. These include:

  • Defining your budget
  • Finding a reputable company
  • Plan the surprise element
  • Plan the logistics 
  • Organise with the caterers

Define your budget

One of the first things you should consider when hiring singing waiters is your budget. Pricing for singing waiters at your wedding can vary depending on how many performers will be involved, the performance duration, and their level of expertise. By setting a budget you can help keep your wedding spending under control and narrow down your options.

Find a reputable company

Once you have decided on a budget you can then start to search for a reputable team of singing waiters. When conducting your research you should consider watching some videos of their performances, reading reviews from other clients and you should also make sure of their availability for your wedding date. 

Beyond being reputable, you will also need to choose a professional team of singing waiters that can meet your personal requirements. For example, you will need to consider their repertoire. Some singing waiters may focus on one type of music more than another and if you have particular music interests, or certain songs you would like to be performed, it’s important to choose a team of singing waiters that can do this justice. Here at The Opera Boys, we have a vast repertoire and can perform songs from a range of genres including contemporary pop songs, popular musical classics and even well known operatic numbers.

Finally, you will need to choose a team you can work with to customise your wedding. From dedications to particular songs, down to the timing of the performance, there are a number ways you can personalise the performance to make sure this is perfect for your wedding day. 

Plan the surprise element

Once you have found the perfect team of singing waiters you should then begin to plan the element of surprise. You can discuss the timing of the reveal and the performance, and you can also make plans to keep this a secret reveal, until the perfect moment. You may be working with your future spouse to surprise your guests, or you may choose to keep the surprise from your fiance as well, increasing their delight on the day.

Plan the logistics

You will also need to plan the logistics including the space and equipment needs, and how these will be set up ready to go within your wedding venue. You may also need to discuss the necessary technical requirements to make sure that the performance is flawless and high quality.

Organise with the caterers 

Finally, you will also need to organise with the catering team. This is because singing waiters often pose as waiters serving at your event, and so the caterer and venue will need to know about them. This can help to ensure a seamless surprise element and help to avoid confusion for your catering team.

Here at The Opera Boys we have performed at countless weddings where we have delivered unforgettable moments of true delight. Why not get in touch to find out more?