Opera Boys Singling Waiters

operatic singing waiters

We’ve just been booked to perform at a private event in November. We can’t really say too much about it because we will be performing as surprise singing waiters.

This sort of act has become very popular in the last few years, and in between performing our concerts in the UK and around the world on luxury cruise ships, we do quite a lot of this type of event.

It works like this: We arrive at the venue before the event begins and meet the catering staff. We then arrange to blend in and work with the waiters throughout the event as if we were part of the catering team. We get as involved as we can with the event catering so that everybody is 100% convinced that we are just part of the staff.

Then at the appropriate moment (usually after dessert) one of us gets up to make an announcement, and then suddenly bursts into an operatic aria – much to the shock and delight of the guests. At the end of the song, that singer then reveals that he is in fact the entertainment for the evening and begins the next song only to be interrupted by another singing waiter who will take over and they then perform the song together.

This continues until all the secret singing waiters have been revealed and we then perform for the rest of the evening as a group, delivering operatic arias, west end smash hits as well as party numbers to get everybody clapping, singing and dancing along.

This style of entertainment has become increasingly popular at Weddings, Private Parties and Corporate Events and we constantly get inquiries for events all over the UK.

Although we are very busy with our concerts, we do have some availability for this sort of thing, so if you are planning a party or a wedding and would like to discuss having us as singing waiters at your event then please get in touch with us via the contact page on our website.