How can singing waiters complement your wedding theme?

operatic singing waiters

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a number of different and important factors to consider, including the theme, style and music. Each of these should be related to one another, with your music choice matching your overall wedding theme. But how can singing waiters complement your wedding theme? And how can you create a cohesive wedding?

Setting your wedding theme 

First of all, you will need to take into account the theme and overall style of your wedding. From classic and traditional weddings, to modern, whimsical, or themes revolving around pop culture, there are a wide range of different options for the theme and style of your wedding. This theme will help to determine all aspects of the decor, as well as some of the ceremony options, entertainment and ice breakers, and even the dress code. 

Music should also be chosen to complement this theme. For example, traditional church weddings can benefit from classical music pieces, while those centred around pop culture may want specific pieces of music associated with the theme. More modern weddings may benefit from more contemporary music. 

Choosing music that complements your theme

Once you’ve determined the theme of your wedding, it’s essential to put some significant effort into establishing which songs you want to be played at particular moments during your wedding ceremony, and during the later reception. This should include selecting songs that have a special meaning or relevance to you both, to add a personal touch to your wedding. 

How can singing waiters complement your wedding theme?

One unique and memorable entertainment option for your wedding is to hire singing waiters, like us here at The Opera Boys. Our talented performers will disguise themselves as waiters, blending in with the catering team before surprising your wedding guests with a spontaneous, professional performance. Our team of singing waiters will tailor their repertoire to suit your wedding theme, whether it’s Broadway show tunes, classic love songs, or even operatic arias. Not only do we provide outstanding live entertainment, but we also create a sense of excitement and interactivity that guests will remember long after the event is over.

When choosing singing waiters for your wedding entertainment, it’s important to coordinate with them to ensure their performances will align with the overall theme of your wedding. As such, you will need to provide information about your wedding theme, preferred musical genres, and any specific songs you’d like them to include. Our exceptional singing waiters will tailor our act to suit your needs and tastes.

Here at The Opera Boys we have performed at countless weddings and events where we have delivered unforgettable moments of true delight. Why not get in touch to find out more?