Common myths about singing waiters

From weddings and birthdays to commercial events, singing waiters can provide outstanding entertainment for any function. However, there are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding singing waiters. So what are the common myths about singing waiters? And what is the truth?

So what are the most common myths about singing waiters?

While singing waiters are incredibly popular, there are a number of myths surrounding what we actually do, and what you can expect. Here at the Opera Boys, we can give you some clarity. So what are these myths, and what is the truth? Well, there are several including:

  • Singing waiters are only for weddings
  • Singing waiters only sing
  • Singing waiters only perform opera
  • Singing waiters are always a surprise

Myth 1: Singing waiters only perform for weddings

One of the most common myths about singing waiters is that they are an entertainment form that is just for weddings. While it’s true that our team have performed at many weddings, providing an unforgettable experience, we are also adaptable and versatile performers and entertainers, and we offer our services for a wide range of events and functions. We can provide something unique and memorable for corporate events and, birthday parties, anniversaries, and more. Our talented team have the ability to surprise and engage audiences, making them a perfect fit for any celebration or occasion.

Myth 2: Singing waiters only sing

One of the top qualities you should be looking for in any team of singing waiters is the quality of the voice. Our team are professionally trained and have performed on both Broadway and The West End, as well as in concert tours and with a number of contemporary musicians. However, we aren’t booked as singing waiters just to sing. Here at The Opera Boys, we know that our performance and entertainment skills are just as important. We make sure to give a skilled yet memorable and captivating performance for your guests.

Myth 3: Singing waiters only perform opera

Many people associate singing waiters with opera or classical music, assuming that their performances are restricted to these genres. This is not usually true as singing waiters tend to be versatile, and can tailor their repertoire to suit the preferences of the audience and the event. At least that’s what you can be sure of when you choose us here at The Opera Boys. Whether it’s pop, rock, jazz, or even a mix of musical styles, our performers can cater to diverse musical tastes, and our adaptability allows us to create a customised and enjoyable experience for a broad range of audiences.

Myth 4: Singing waiters are always a surprise

While the element of surprise is a hallmark of many singing waiter performances, it’s not a universal rule. Some events may opt for a surprise element, where the waiters seamlessly transition from serving to singing. However, in other cases, the singing waiters may be integrated into the event program with the audience fully aware of their upcoming performance. The choice between surprise and planned performances depends on the event organiser’s preference and the desired impact on the audience. Here at the Opera Boys, we have the skills to do both.

Here at The Opera Boys we have performed at countless weddings and events where we have delivered unforgettable moments of true delight. Why not get in touch to find out more?