Choosing singing waiters for an unforgettable wedding 

Making sure your wedding is memorable and enjoyable for all involved is a key aim for many people planning their wedding. The choice of entertainment is one way to make this a reality, and singing waiters, with the element of surprise and outstanding vocal talents, can be the perfect choice. But what are the advantages of choosing singing waiters for an unforgettable wedding? And what can you expect?

What are singing waiters?

Singing waiters are a popular and highly effective entertainment choice for all manner of events, but for weddings, singing waiters can help make your event unforgettable. 

During the wedding breakfast, our team of talented singing waiters will seamlessly blend into the atmosphere, serving beverages while covertly preparing to perform. At the right point, usually between the main course and dessert, our surprise performance will begin, adding excitement and joy to your wedding. This is something that your guests will reminisce about for years to come.

What are the advantages of choosing singing waiters for an unforgettable wedding?

There are a number of reasons why singing waiters are a popular choice for people looking to make sure their wedding is unforgettable. These reasons include:

  • Bringing the element of surprise 
  • Appealing to all guests 
  • Timing and flow
  • Talented performance 
  • Customisation 

Adding fun and an element of surprise 

One of the biggest advantages of singing waiters for any wedding is that these can add fun, surprise and excitement to your big day. While traditional weddings often have a predictable flow throughout the day, singing waiters can upend this flow with a surprise performance that will leave your guests entertained and impressed. This makes your wedding memorable and unforgettable for both you and your guests. 

Appealing to all guests

In addition, our team of singing waiters, here at The Opera Boys, will be sure to perform songs and music that suits your taste and requirements. We can perform a wide variety of songs, from classic love songs, to contemporary hits, and of course the musical favourites. This means that we can tailor our performance to your individual requirements, and that we are sure to perform songs that will appeal to every demographic, leaving all of your guests impressed and happy. 

Singing waiters can help timing and flow for an unforgettable wedding

Our team of professional singing waiters also have the ability to ensure the smooth running and flow of your wedding. We understand the importance of timing and coordination, so we always ensure that our performances seamlessly integrate with the overall flow of the wedding day. From coordinating with the venue staff to liaising with the couple or wedding planner, we will take care of the logistical details so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Talented performance 

Finally, hiring singing waiters adds sophistication and elegance to any wedding experience. Our talented performers are not only skilled vocalists but are also polished professionals who understand the importance of presentation and professionalism. Whether we are dressed in formal attire or attire that complements the wedding theme, our singing waiters will give an outstanding performance, and elevate your wedding day.

Here at The Opera Boys we have performed at countless weddings and events where we have delivered unforgettable moments of true delight. Why not get in touch to find out more?