This week we performed at a business conference and dinner at The Coniston Hotel in North Yorkshire. I know what you’re thinking, “Sounds pretty boring; how exciting can a business event on a Wednesday really be?” Turns out, pretty exciting – that is if you have booked The Opera Boys to perform as singing waiters (and a pretty awesome table magician – check him out at

As usual, we blended in with the waiting staff and made sure everybody attending had seen us and were convinced that we were just part of the team. To be honest I think even the banqueting manager thought we were part of his staff as he worked us tirelessly throughout dinner…!!!

To begin our performance, normally one of us would make an announcement to get the attention of everybody in the room (I won’t give too much away in case you ever have us at an event) and then suddenly burst into operatic aria. But the client had a very specific idea of how she wanted us to begin on this occasion. She had a VIP in the room that had flown in from America to attend and she really wanted us to be serving him and then suddenly start singing to him. I suggested that it was more effective to get the attention of the room first, but she was adamant that she wanted it like this and so we of course agreed (it was her event after all) and worked out that we would begin as his dessert was being cleared.

I have to say, it worked an absolute treat! His face was a picture (and will be for some time judging by the amount of phones that were swiftly whipped out to capture the moment) and the evening got better and better from there onwards.

After the other singing waiters had been revealed (the third reveal always gets the best reaction) and we had performed a few well-known operatic arias, we lightened the mood with a couple of sing-a-longs which got the whole room clapping and singing (you see, and you thought a business dinner would be boring…) before finishing off with Nessun Dorma in 3 part harmony which went down a storm.

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