Ever thought about having something a little bit different at your wedding? How about some entertainment during your wedding breakfast? Or, even better, a big surprise during the meal…

Singing waiters may not be a new idea to a lot, but it’s amazing how many people have never even heard of the concept.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, here is how it works: Three performers masquerade as waiters during your wedding – perhaps serving champagne at the drinks reception straight after the ceremony, and maybe even floating around during the meal topping up wine and making sure everyone has everything they need (probably not actually serving the food, because they’re not really waiters!). Then at the appropriate moment, usually in between the main course and the dessert, one of these ‘planted performers’ will break cover and burst into song. One by one, his workmates will then reveal their true identity and join together to deliver a performance of around 30 – 40 minutes.

So what makes The Opera Boys special? Well, over the years there have been many different forms of this kind of entertainment, but the original concept was to have classically trained opera singers performing as singing waiters – and that is exactly what The Opera Boys are.

The Opera Boys are a selection of some of the UK’s finest classically trained young voices. They have been performing together for over 5 years now and perform concerts both nationally and internationally. Between them they have credits on London’s West End and Broadway, and have worked alongside some very big names including Elton John, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams & Russell Watson.

They perform a range of music from well-known opera and classical favourites to West End numbers from Les Miserables, Phantom & Jersey Boys, and there’s even a few modern pop songs thrown in! Most importantly though, they are hugely experienced performers who know exactly how to engage an audience and they’ve been performing together for years so bounce off each other seamlessly to deliver first class entertainment.

Are they the cheapest – definitely not, but are they one of the best who can guarantee both a beautiful, moving performance and a hugely entertaining show – most definitely!

For more information please visit www.operaboys.com to find out what they can do to make your wedding even more spectacular.

Footnote: We also work with a huge number of other entertainment professionals so if you’re looking for a live band, DJ, or anything else for your evening wedding entertainment then we would be happy to help.