Singing waiters have become very popular for weddings over the last few years. A concept which began in the 1990’s in Australia with ‘The Three Waiters’ (a play on The Three Tenors) has now been duplicated all over the World with a variety of different options now available. You can have pop, classical, swing, west end, boys, girls, a mix of both – the list goes on. The original concept however was for three classically trained singers to masquerade as waiting staff and burst into operatic aria at the end of the dinner, and that is exactly what we do (with a name like Opera Boys you probably wouldn’t expect anything else) although when it comes to weddings, we do know how to get the party started!

Recently we performed at a fabulous wedding just outside London. The venue was beautiful, as was the lovely bride, and we had been booked to perform at the end of the main course. This is almost always the best way to do it at weddings as it breaks the day up really well.

We had arranged everything with the venue in advance so when we arrived everything was ready to go. We had uniforms, aprons and gloves – and I’m pretty sure even the waiting staff thought we were just additional agency staff hired for the event. We helped out with pouring wine and serving dinner, so that everyone saw us as part of the catering team, then at the end of the main course we broke cover and burst into operatic aria much to the surprise and delight of the wedding guests.

After all three of our “waiters” had been revealed and we had performed a few operatic and classical numbers, we brought the lovely bride centre stage and serenaded her with ‘O Sole Mio’. We then got the whole room clapping, singing and dancing (and even doing a conga line around the room) with some good old-fashioned party numbers before finishing off with Nessun Dorma to an incredible standing ovation.

We were approached by many of the guests who were so delighted with the surprise of the day, and the lovely bride and groom were absolutely thrilled with the performance and the reaction of their wedding guests.

To find out more about what we can offer for your wedding please visit the Singing Waiters page of the website. We would love to add a little something extra to your special day as well…!

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